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Placed inside sports & Esports news articles, Sureplay's inContent video ad format offers guaranteed viewability without affecting the user experience. It has proven to be a high-impact, high performance ad unit.

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The Power of Outstream Video


Sports & Esports Advertisers

Brands looking to target sports & Esports readers search no more. We are building the largest global video advertising network for you. Be part of this multi-billion dollar industry. Get in touch to setup your advertiser account.

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Sports & Esports Publishers

Do you operate a new or established website focused on sports, Esports or video games? Are you looking to monetize your traffic with high paying video ads? Get in touch to setup your publisher account. Integration is fast and easy!

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About the Team

We are a team of experienced adops, digital media, marketing and advertising professionals with a focus on the video gaming, sports & Esports industries. We develop our proprietary programmatic adtech and execute high impact campaigns for the world's biggest brand names.

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